About Liège

Liège, a millenary episcopal city and an economic and cultural metropolis, is the landmark of discovery. As early as 1970, the University of Liège was the cradle of research on free radicals in Belgium. Crossed by the Meuse river, the city is overflowed by historical and typical places such as the renowned place “Le Carré” where students from higher education schools and from the University meet and celebrate. By doing this they perpetuate the memory of Charlemagne, the first Emperor of the Romans (800–814), who was supposedly born in Liège and the first ever to make school attendance compulsory, according to history.

The city is located in the heart of an extensive TGV (high- speed train) and motorway communication network, linking Western Europe countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and the UK.

Last but not least, inhabitants of Liege, the ‘Liégeois’, are considered to be Belgium’s most jovial and hospitable people. As the sense of feast is so common in the Land of Liège, you will always have opportunities to share the good local mood. The motto of the city sums up everything: “Go through Liège, you will be received like a Prince”. In this convivial context, we hope to promote high- quality scientific exchanges on the role of antioxidants in plants but also to better understand the high complexity of redox biology in the context of human pathologies.